Alumni Association of Engineering Colleges in Kerala ( Colleges Established after 1980)

Alumni Association of Engineering Colleges in Kerala (AECK) is a Kuwait based Non profitable forum of engineers who graduated from the new generation colleges of Kerala, that were established after 1980. AECK was formed in 2008 with engineers from over 50 colleges spread all over Kerala. The present membership is over 200 Engineers & is growing every year.
With its immense potential and talented group of professionals, AECK has been participating with vigor in all programs governed by KEF. Apart from Arts and Sports, AECK internally organizes Family Gatherings, Technical Meets and other avenues, promoting Socio-Economic growth of its members and Family.
"Ubi concordia, ibi victoria" - Where is the unity, there is the victory, forms the Motto of AECK and is the prime driving factor behind its Growth and inbuilt Culture..



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Professional body since 2008.


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The members of the eight reputed alumni associations.


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Adding social, cultural, scientific and sports flavours to KEF


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be it Banking, Medical, Oil, Government, IT, FMCG or any sector, you can find a KEF professional.